Evolving for Extreme Environments

Product Focus

New technology priorities and sustainability goals in fields such as defense, aerospace, EVs and renewable energy are creating new challenges for products made from legacy materials. Cambium is addressing these challenges with product innovations, from UAVs and advanced aerospace applications through to optical systems and beyond.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

We are developing a low-cost, high production rate UAV platform that provides a range of customizable benefits that enhance performance, endurance, and range with advanced protection against laser attack, sustained heat, and fire.

Optical Systems

We are developing military grade laser-protective eyewear for pilots, first responders, and other professionals, and rapidly advancing new protection systems for sensors and electro-optical devices.


Advanced Aerospace Applications

We are developing composite parts made from next-generation advanced materials to address the new performance ambitions for products deployed in space and on hypersonic vehicles and other applications.

Rapid Design, Test, Build Capabilities

We design innovative biomaterials using proprietary machine learning, physical modeling, and other computational approaches.

Material Production
We apply synthetic biology and chemistry to design production routes to innovative materials along with the capability to produce them.

Product Fabrication
We make composite structures through to product prototypes.

Field Demonstrations
We conduct and film live product demonstrations at our Design Lab at the Mojave Air and Space Port, and at our customer sites.


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