We are a team of innovators from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Lockheed Martin, US DoD Labs and biotech companies. We bring together product engineering and technology integration expertise to radically evolve products that deliver performance across defense, aerospace, space and renewable energy.


Simon Waddington

Simon Waddington


Simon is a serial entrepreneur who has spent his entire professional career working at the intersection of different sciences and technologies.

Prior to Cambium, he was the co-Founder and CEO of Abunda that was sold to a Swiss publicly traded company, Evolva and subsequently became Evolva’s COO and then its CEO. Prior to that he spent more than a decade in venture capital investing across materials, life sciences and related technologies in US, Europe and Israel. In his earlier career he was Product Development Manager for Zeneca’s biopolymers business and Senior Research Scientist for ICI Advanced Materials.

Simon holds a PhD in physics from the University of Liverpool, UK and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Stephan Herrera

Stephan Herrera

Chief Operating Officer

Stephan has held senior and executive leadership & strategy roles in a wide range of biotech firms, most of them publicly held, each of them pioneers in novel platforms such as synthetic biology, nanotechnology, RNAi, and fermentation-produced specialty ingredients.

He has been part of billion-dollar merger transactions with big pharma; participated as a delegate at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity; and is a sustainability/product-life-cycle expert. Before that he was an investigative reporter for nearly 20 years covering all aspects of biotechnology.

Stephan earned his MS at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and his BS in Business & Economics at Colorado State University.

Eliot Pence

Eliot Pence

Chief Business Officer

Eliot has extensive global dealmaking expertise in defense and government contracting and a long history of working across continents in international relations.

Most recently, Eliot led global growth for Anduril Industries, a defense technology company. As one of the first business development hires at Anduril, he created the international GTM strategy and led its execution, bootstrapping international growth and hiring a team of business leaders in three continents. After leaving Anduril, Eliot founded Tofino Capital, a venture capital firm investing in frontier markets. Prior to Tofino and Anduril, Eliot was a senior director at McLarty Associates, an advisory firm. He is a member of the United States Trade Representative’s Advisory Committee on Africa and a 2021-2022 international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Eliot received his M.A. from Yale and B.A. from University of Victoria. He is based in Washington, DC.

Andrew Guenthner

Andrew Guenthner

Head Discovery and Data Science

Andrew spent 17 years as materials and chemical engineer in US Department of the Navy and US Department of the Air Force research laboratories. He also has several years of commercial experience developing industrial materials for companies large and small. Andrew is a co-creator of Cambium’s first bio- discovered materials technologies.

He has won several awards for science and technology management in recognition of his efforts in developing “game-changing” fuel processing technology for overseas combatant commands. In 2016 he was named the US Department of Defense Laboratory Scientist of the Quarter for his contributions to the development of high-performance materials for aerospace and defense applications.

Andrew earned his PhD in polymer engineering from The University of Akron and BS in chemical engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Chris Sahagun

Chris Sahagun

Principal Engineer

Chris specializes in designing manufacturing processes for new materials and then qualifying both the material and manufacturing process for flight.

Chris has led the development of new aerospace materials and building flight hardware for SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Wisk and the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. Chris has had the honor of creating materials and specifying processes that have been used in two separate human-rated spaceflight programs, the world’s first vertical-to-horizontal flight transition of a human-occupied electric aircraft, and the largest satellite constellation that has ever been launched.

Chris holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi School of Polymers and High-Performance Materials.

Steve Slaughter

Steve Slaughter

Senior Research Engineer

Steve has led a storied career working in advanced materials, processes, and structures for aerospace applications.

Steve started working in the first composite aircraft repair station to operate in the US and since has worked for Laister Sailplanes, Chemtanks, Alcoa/Goldsworthy, and more recently Scaled Composites, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Virgin Galactic. He has worked on Unmanned Aircraft Systems such as early 1970’s NASA Mini-Sniffer and boundary layer experiments on the F-16XL, F-14 and rain erosion test fixtures on F-104 and F-15 for Shuttle tiles and thermal blankets.

In addition, he has 25 years of R&D/T&E in Low Observable Materials, Signature Management and Survivability. He solved manufacturing issues in DARPA HTV-2 by successfully developing and implementing processes which enabled producing carbon-carbon laminate of required thickness in aeroshells and edges during the Polymer Infiltration and Pyrolysis.

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark


Shannon works for the technology company, Palantir, where she leads policy, strategy and growth decisions with their Defense clients.

Prior to joining Palantir, Shannon was a Director for Counterterrorism Policy on the National Security Staff at the White House. On the NSS she planned, directed, and coordinated the development of counterterrorism strategies. Before joining the National Security Staff, Shannon was a special assistant to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, leveraging her expertise as an intelligence officer to provide analytic support to the Vice Chairman. Prior to working for the Vice Chairman, Shannon was a counterterrorism analyst with the Department of Defense.

Shannon holds a B.S. from Georgetown University and a MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Nicola Sinclair

Nicola Sinclair


Nicola led the Air Innovation Fund within the Rapid Capabilities Office of the British Royal Air Force where she drove strategic innovation.

Previously, Nicola was a Chief of Staff within UK Strategic Command where she managed a division generating data-led insights in support of UK equipment program spending options. Prior to that, Nicola led the Joint Above Secret User team in Strategic Command and was a senior intelligence analyst providing decision support to the British Ambassador and the Commander and Deputy Commander International Security Assistance Force, Kabul.

Nicola holds a BSc from Edinburgh University.


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